Have you ever wondered how it feels like been a United.

On various occasions when I go out just taking a straw or when am with my colleagues just having a chill while putting on my favourite club’s jersey, I normally get noticed by my jersey. I would hear someone from afar like “Manchester United! These are the teams to support not these others”. Others will be calling me using my Jersey name like, “Ba (Mr) Man United, how can I be of assist to you”. While others will be like, “Man United, this club is just so big and great everywhere you go it is well-known”.

My heart just becomes overwhelmed with such compliments and sense of uniqueness for this great club that I am a part of and it even becomes easier starting up a conversation with people most of the times all because of the Man United jersey that introduces me and speaks for me.

Am sure you would love that, if you do not have a jersey of your own but when you get it, you will wish you had gotten it much earlier, just like most of Manchester United players, former and current who were and are proud to put on the jersey when they took to the pitch every single match, they were over the moon and I am going to share with you some of their famous quotes as players and ex-players.


Cristiano Ronaldo with the UEFA Champions League Cup 2008“The high point of my career was winning the Champions League. No one will ever erase that from my memory, in the same way that no one will ever erase the fact that I did it in a Manchester United Shirt”.

Cristiano Ronaldo was with United for six (6) years from 2003 to 2009. In 2008, he became the first Man United player to be awarded with the prestigious Ballon D’or trophy since George Best in 1968. He made 292 appearances for United scoring 118 goals in the process before joining Real Madrid in 2009.


“Manchester United have always stood up again and bounced back; it’s just in the DNA”.

“The attacking philosophy is in the walls of Man United. That’s tradition; that’s history. That’s how we play and want to play”.

“That comes when you sign for Man United; you know you’re going to play in front of the best fans in the world”.

Ole Gunnar Solkjaer nicknamed the, ‘Baby-faced Assassin’ and ‘Super-Sub’ was Man United player from 1996 to 2007. The baby-faced assassin scored the winner in the famous historical comeback of 1998-99 Champions League final against Bayern Munich which earned Manchester United its second Champions league cup in the history of the club. Man United became the first English club to win a treble in the same season; thus FA Cup, Premier League and the Champions League Cup.

The Super-sub is now the current manager of Manchester United, signing a three (3) year contract with the club after impressing as a care-taker boss after the dismissal of the ‘Special One’, Jose Mourinho; the famous ‘20 LEGEND’ at the wheel.


“I have always considered myself to be very fortunate. To play for the biggest club in the world, which also happens to be the team I supported as a boy, means I have never had to consider changing away from Manchester United”.

Ryan Giggs has been a Man United player all of his life. He joined United on his 14th birthday in 1987 until the year 2014 when he retired as a player with six hundred and thirty-two (632) appearances making him second in the Premier League most appearances standings. He holds the record for the most seasons appeared in the Premier League, twenty-two (22).

His also the current holder of the most seasons scored in the Premier League with twenty-one (21); he has scored in each season from 1992-93 season to 2012-13 season. Ryan Giggs holds the Premier League record for the most assists with one hundred and sixty-two (162).

Giggsy as nicknamed is the most decorated player in the history of football winning 34 trophies all won under one club.


“Being part of such a great club like Manchester United fills you with emotion, and you gradually realise how much the club means to the fans and the people who work here. They really live for the game, so that does become part of you, and you can only appreciate that having spent time here”.

David De Gea has been a United player since 2011. His made tremendous strides in making himself one of the very best goalkeepers in the world after a slow start to life in Manchester. His won various awards all thanks to his goal keeping heroics individually and as a team and is currently one of the longest saving players in the United dressing room.

His joined the only few goalkeepers (seventh 7th) to have kept 100 clean sheets in their Premier League with a single club and the only second goalkeeper to do so with United after Peter Schmeichel in the match against Liverpool on the 24th February 2019.

David De Gea is the only player to have won the Sir Matt Busby Player of the Year award four (4) times. This is an award which is given to a player who has been voted by fans of Manchester United, which was formerly known as MUFC Members Player of the Year award.


“If you want a measure of how private a place the dressing room was when I was growing up at Manchester United, consider this; even Sir Alex Ferguson would knock before coming into the dressing room at the Cliff, the old training ground. The dressing room is for the players and players only”.

“I was lucky enough to play at Old Trafford, and we always talked about the atmosphere on a Tuesday night, the special atmosphere you create, and the crowd is rocking when you go out for a warm-up”.

The legendary maestro Paul Scholes nicknamed, the Ginger Ninja, Ginger Prince or Scholesy has made 718 appearances for United making him the third highest appearances for the club for the periods between 1993 and 2013.

His won all is there to win as a player under a club from the FA community shields to Football League Cups to FA Cups to Premier League titles to UEFA Champions League trophies to Intercontinental Cup and FIFA Club World Cup. In total Scholesy has won more trophies than any other English player with 25 trophies all with United.


“I think its destiny. First my mum told me I will come back here…I didn’t finish what I started here so I think I came to finish it…it looks like I just went on a holiday and I just came back home (Old Trafford). It’s such a great feeling”.

The FIFA World Cup Russia 2018 winner, Paul Labile Pogba joined United in 2016 for a then-world record fee for a second time after a dismal spell as a United player between 2009 and 2012 which persuaded him to depart Old Trafford for Juventus due to lack of playing time.

His got the style, the skill and the attitude to be the best player in the world. He helped United win their first UEFA Europa League trophy and he was named the UEFA Europa League Player of the Season which gave United the license to compete in the UEFA Champions League the following season.

As a fan, you can only hope for a flourishing Pogba, on his day he can win you a match from nowhere with his skills and precise accuracy of passing and goals. You can bet on it.

A Great Feeling

They are a bunch more of players of great calibre I have not short-listed but from the above you won’t be disappointed; that this is a club of unite, a club that understands its fans and a club which has been built on a winning mentality.

Because even the players themselves they understand what it means to be a United player, playing football for a United fan, wearing that United jersey which gives them pressure but proud of been a Manchester United player and been involved in the history making of the club.

As Pogba says, “It’s such a great feeling”.



8 thoughts on “Quotes By Players – The Insight”

  1. Great article! I like the one from Scholes. I think that my favorite generation of Man Utd was the one with killer striker tandem Cole & Yorke, followed by Scholes, Giggs, Van der Sar, and Beckham. Those guys were unstoppable! And of course, I almost forgot to mention Sir Alex. 🙂

    1. Hi Ivan,

      For sure that generation was in its own world. The great Sir Alex knew how to assemble his players well. But obviously the baton has to be passed over for the club to continue competing at its highest levels to the nows of Pogba and the co.


  2. Very interesting post! Team work in life is so important! Team work in sports can help give participants stronger communication skills and teach them to work better with others. This article points out so many valuable leaders! The varied pictures are priceless and I love the quotes. It tells about the player himself. Great article!

    1. Hi Tammy,

      Thank you for your comment. For sure teamwork is the core of the game and you would not get individual or team awards if it’s not for your teammates but everyone works in cohesion for a common goal.


  3. Hi Brian

    I found your article interesting and fascinating. Though I am not a big fan of football but my daughters, I do enjoy the occasional excitement when a big match is on, like when we had the world cup in Russia during the summer. Here as you know in Britan, people are fanatics when it comes to celebrating football. I guess for some it’s like a second or first religion for them. I love the game when it unites people regardless of geographical boundaries, language, color or creed. Reading your article, I get the sense that you are a big and committed fan of football and Man United Club. It’s good to have a hobby that you love and are passionate about. You will never know where it can lead you. “It’s such a great feeling”. awesome words. Best wishes.

    1. Hi Rabia,

      Thank you for your comment and insight. Football is sure a uniting game wherever you may be and it just takes away some of if not most of the differences we have and put them aside for a UNITED PEOPLE. I have been Man United fan for decades now and still going strong, I hope one of your daughters are Man United also.


  4. CRISTIANO RONALDO. I am always moved by that guy. I love his style and I have been his fan since when he just started playing football. It inspires me that he started at such a young age and made a difference for himself. Means anyone can achieve anything if they worked hard.

    1. Hi Lerakinz,
      Thanks for your comment,
      His sure one of the greatest footballers ever played the beautiful game.
      Just believe in your own abilities and never give up, with time you would have accomplished what you having been dreaming of you.

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