Manchester United is one of the greatest if not the greatest club in the world that has been embraced across the world. People from different societies, regions and levels have gotten touched to this beautiful club by supporting it each and every time it has been mentioned in a conversation, article or an argument simply because they enjoy belonging to the great family of the club, Manchester United.

Over the years people or fans would only watch their team play and would not really have a feel of belonging to the club because they would not get hold of their favourite team’s jersey, that would make them feel part of the great club. Time has changed now, with the development and growth of the internet people can now get hold of what they love dearly and in this case the jersey that makes every supporter or fan of Manchester United be one with his or her club by purchasing their own Man United jersey. By doing so, this makes them feel part of the family and gives them an edge from the rest.

This article is going to give you an insight into the different types of jerseys or kits that have been produced for different groups of society and will also look at the different jersey types worn at home ground matches and away matches, including the training kits worn when the team is training or warming up for a match.

Home Ground Jersey – Red kit

Each and every team prides on its home ground kit and Manchester United is no expect ion. The club has had the iconic red colour used as their home ground jersey colour for decades. Anyone who may be affiliated to Manchester United will definitely be eager to purchase the home jersey.

Away From Home – The Away Kit

The navy blue away jersey
The pink away jersey

Every team is required to have two or more jerseys that it is supposed to wear to differentiate it from the opponents’ kit or jersey.

Manchester United away kit is one that differentiates it from the rest and is one of the very best in the world. You can choose from the many varieties that have been produced over the years.

Training Kit

varieties of Man United training kit
Man United players training in their training kit

The training kit for Man United is one of the best in the world which has been produced by the different manufacturers and sponsors over the years.

If you love training the United way, the Man United training kit is for you. It will certainly give you a sense of pride and encouragement to fulfill your goals in your training sections.

Youth Kit

Kids’ home kit
Kids’ away kit
Kids’ man united pyjamas

Manchester United have various youth items to choose from, be it a training kit or a match day jersey. You are spoiled for choice for your beloved kids.

Women’s Jersey

Women’s home jersey
Man United Women’s






Manchester United is such a big club that it would not be complete without bringing back the women’s team on board. The club has made strides meet in ensuring that almost all sectors are covered and brought on board and the women’s team was one of them. The Man United women’s jersey has been produced to meet the woman’s way of life with a special feminine cut to it.

Manchester United over the years have produced quite a lot of jerseys which have been branded by the respective sponsors. Let me give you the different manufacturers and sponsors of the Manchester United Jersey (kit) from 1980 to present.

Man United Kit Manufacturers

  • 1980 to 1992 – Adidas was the kit maker for the club
  • 1992 to 2002 – Adidas was replaced by Umbro which made the kit for a decade.
  • 2002 to 2015 – Umbro was then replaced by Nike for a then record as kit supplier for the club.
  • 2015 to 2025 – Adidas has again taken the helm as kit supplier to the club for a world record in terms of kit manufacturing is concerned.

Man United Kit Sponsors

  • 1982 to 2000 – Sharp electronics had the rights to the front of the Manchester United kit.
  • 2000 to 2006 – After Sharp, Vodafone came on board.
  • 2006 to 2010 – AIG an insurance company was at the helm for four years.
  • 2010 to 2014 – Aon followed in with the sponsorship.
  • 2014 to 2021 – Chevrolet an American car dealer company is currently the club’s sponsors for the jersey.

Manchester United manufacturers and sponsors have been pivotal in the growth of the club through the making and sponsoring of the club jersey. People around the world have gotten the chance in being part of the family of a club which is one of the greatest clubs in the world by owning their own Manchester United jersey or kit by these manufacturers and sponsors.

Sharp goalkeeper jersey
2007-2008 season
AIG away jersey

Glory Man United

As a fan or supporter of Manchester United dreaming of owning your own Man United jersey becomes reality through this website Every time the team takes to the field, you will be there, wherever you may be, whether at work, on the road, in the comfort of your home, at a meeting place where you spend time with your family and friends, whatever place, as long as you know your team is playing, you will be with your very own jersey on you standing out from the rest as a genuine United fan cheering your team the whole 90 plus minutes.

You will be singing along with the rest of the Manchester United family in the world in the “glory glory Man United” song as they march on to victory each time they play.

The only disadvantage is to be a United fan and not feel like one because you can not purchase your own jersey or for your family and friends. The time is here and now you can purchase your jersey with ease and pressure free. Choose what type you want, the home ground jersey, away jersey, the training jersey or all of them, for you, for your kids, your family or friends, it is all up to you and sing the glory glory Man United song heart out and genuinely feel the sense of belonging to the great family of Man United club.



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  1. It’s great these days that in every sport you can buy shirts and other accessories that make you feel closer to the team. Let alone football, which is the most popular. A jersey is a must have !

    1. Hi George,
      Indeed a Jersey is a must have even when you not much of a fan but when you just love that red Jersey or pink Jersey or whatever colour you just want to get it and put it on. Makes you feel nice huh. Thanks for your comment.

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