Being a Manchester United fan or supporter in the earlier years was really a testing fit for one even just having the zeal to wear the jersey or worse off buy it. Fans had little or no motivation at the time. The team was not that stable, been relegated several times and been promoted back and forth for quite some time with no stability was the fan’s worse period.

The Famous Busby Babes

But as time went on things started taking shape with the famous ‘Busby Babes’ teams which almost all of Manchester United early history has been anchored on under the guidance of the one and only Sir Matt Busby. Fans would at least have some kind of relief in the way the team was playing with quality and good cohesion between players. Results in terms of trophies were not that far from been achieved. The team won its fourth and fifth league titles in its history in the 1955-56 and 1956-57 season respectively. But the formidable squad was short-lived due to the Munich Air Disaster which occurred on 6th of February 1958 and robbed Manchester United of its best team as far killing twenty-two people, eight were players. For a fan this is the worse horror ever known to a united fan.

Sir Matt Busyby with the European Cup in 1968

But Sir Matt Busby after he had recovered together with his right-hand man with the name of Jimmy Murphy had other ideas and started rebuilding the team almost from scratch. The team would reshape and start fighting for honours immediately reaching the final of the FA cup in the same year the horror occurred and finishing second on the league standings in the following season for the league title. This has to be one of the best reasons why a person would support or become a fan of Manchester United because the team has been built on an attitude hard to imagine, the attitude of bravely, no matter the odds against you, you will thrive.

The Beginning of the Glory Days

By 1992-93 season Manchester United had only seven(7) league titles to their name while their biggest rivals Liverpool had an astonishing eighteen(18) league titles to their name with their closest competitor been Arsenal and Everton with ten(10) and nine(9) league titles respectively. If there was a season that a person would start supporting Manchester United and be a full time fan with their own purchased Manchester United jerseys it will be the 1992-93 season under the stewardship of the great manager ever known to English football, Sir Alex Ferguson. The 1992-93 season became the first season that the Premier League was born, teams from the ‘Football League First Division’ defected to form the FA Premier League currently called the ‘Premier League’.

Sir Alex Ferguson and Sir Matt Busby

The 1992-93 season became the beginning of an era to glory for Manchester United after so many years in the shadows of mostly Liverpool; as a United fan you would feel the screws of change turning into your favour when the keys to the league are handed over to your club. Obviously you wonder what I am talking about. What I am talking about is the time Eric Cantona signed for Manchester United from Leeds United. Eric Cantona made the jersey of Man United his own and was a force to reckon with immediate effect, stepping in the dressing room and on the pitch as a United player and having such an influence in matches. The way he controlled games on the pitch made him a hit magician in the United squad who was loved by the fans immediately.

FA Permier League Champions 1992-93 Season

Fans of United at last would celebrate together with the team on the club’s first league title after 26 years in the waiting for the elusive title. That became the moment a fan or supporter of United would proudly wear their Manchester United jersey knowing they are the champions of the English Premier league and the roller coaster never ended there. The team defended its title the following season and won its first double with the FA Cup to its name.

For sure the glory days had come and been a fan or supporter you could not help it but get your own jersey to stand out from the rest. Whether you get yourself the home jersey or the away or third jersey that does not matter, as long as the jersey is a Man United jersey, you are good to go.

Class of Their Own – The Class Of 92

This same period the ‘class of 92’ was born, the likes of Paul Scholes born 16th November 1974, Ryan Joseph Giggs born 29th November 1973, David Robert Joseph Beckham born 2nd may 1975, Nicholas (Nicky) Butt born 21st January 1975, Gary Alexander Neville born 18th February 1975 together with his brother Philip (Phil) John Neville born 21st January 1977, all from the academy, made it up the ranks into the first team all thanks to their hard work, dedication and focus.

They had the trust of a manager who would give them a chance to prove themselves in the first team and ooh boy! did they do that in style. As time went by they became regulars of the first team and the team had a cohesion, understanding and combination that were devastating for the opponents across the various competitions the club was participating in.

For a fan or supporter of this great club it was a dream come true that the club was competing favourably in various competitions be it the FA Premier League as it was called in its inaugural season or the Football Association (FA) Cup or the League Cup also known as the English League Cup or the European Cup famously known as the Champions League now days.

Stand Out – Stand United

Fans would look forward to each game that came up and for those that had their Man United Jerseys, how lucky were they. They showed their trust and faith in the team and for those that never had a jersey it was time to stand United with the rest of Manchester United fans and supporters.

Manchester United Trophy Room

As at this post’s date, Manchester United has won more league titles than any other club in the English top flight league with Seven (7) Football League First Division titles and thirteen (13) Premier League titles making it a record twenty (20) league titles. United has also won the FA Cup twelve (12) times only bettered by Arsenal with thirteen(13). Five (5) League Cups and a record wins of twenty-one (21) FA Community Shields. On an international level, United has won three (3) UEFA Champions Leagues only Liverpool has won more with Five (5), one(1) Europa League, one(1) UEFA Cup Winner’s Cup, one(1) UEFA Super Cup, one(1) intercontinental Cup and last but not least one (1) FIFA Club World Cup. This makes Manchester United the most successful club in English football history followed by Liverpool and Arsenal rounding up the top three.

Your Time – Your Turn

The foundation on which this club has been built on is something unique that many clubs around the world admire and adore. Would you want to be part of this rich history and achievements of this great club?

Stand out and be Manchester, not only Manchester be United, ‘Manchester United’.

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