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Home Kit 2019/20 Season

The new Manchester United kit for 2019/20 season is out. The kit is all about the great memories of the 1998/99 treble season where United won the Premier League, the Champions League and the FA Cup in a single season. This year marks 20 years since that feat was achieved with no other English team to do so as far.

The memories of that season still lives on at Man United and this new kit

Ole Gunnar Solkjaer scored in the 90+3 Minute.
Teddy Sherringham scored in the 90+1 minute.

demonstrates just that. On the sides it has the minutes on which the goals where scored by Teddy Sherringham and the baby-faced assassin Ole Gunnar Solkjaer, 90+1 and 90+3 minutes respectively.



Since the jersey is a reminisce of the treble season, it has ‘Treble Winners’ marked on its lower side.

Treble Winners

Look Ahead and Reminisce

The Jersey is a breath taking and a must have as it will not only remind you of the the treble but will also make you be thankful for been a great fan of Manchester United whether in good or bad times the team and the club always pull through tough times and this time is no different where the team is trying to find its feet and the jersey is a becon of that hope that things will be well soon and thank you for being part of the hope.

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2 thoughts on “Shop It – Manchester United Home Kit 2019/20 Season”

  1. I have grown up through the years watching this club grown to become one of the most recognized teams in the world. Man U was my favorite team as a kid. Not many kids in the US followed UK Football (soccer). To see they are adding a new look to reflect history is awesome. I didn’t even see this coming.

    1. Hey Ken,

      Thank you for your comment, indeed Manchester United has grown into one of the very best football powerhouses.

      I only hope Man United is still amongst your favourite teams😁 and can still get yourself that new Jersey that reflects the treble season.

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